Get Great, Low Loan Rates in Wayne County, OH

New or Used Vehicle (2015 - 2016)As Low As2.99%Up to 78 Months
Used Vehicle (2011 - 2013)As Low As3.29%Up to 72 Months
Used Vehicle (2006 - 2010)As Low As3.99%Up to 60 Months
Used Vehicle (2005 and Older)As Low As5.99%Up to 60 Months
Recreational LoansAs Low As6.00%Up to 72 Months
Misc. UCC LoansAs Low As6.00%Up to 72 Months
Share Pledge Loans (2% above savings rate)As Low As2.05%N/A
Signature Loans (Closed End) $500 - $5000As Low As12.00%Up to 60 Months
Line of Credit (Open End) $500 - $5000 13.00%Revolving
Visa (Open End) $500 - $5000 12.00%Revolving

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates may be subject to change.

The rate and APR represent the base rate. All Vehicle, Recreational, and Closed End Signature Loans will be adjusted according to the applicant's credit score.

Maximum Terms for New & Used Vehicles:
2014 – 2016: Up to 78 Months
2011 – 2013: Up to 72 Months
2006 – 2010: Up to 60 Months
2005 & Older: Up to 60 Months

SavingsDividend RateAPY*Term
Regular Shares ($150.00 - Over)0.050.05n/a
Christmas Club0.050.05n/a
Special Shares0.050.05n/a

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Rates may be subject to change.

Dividends Compounded: Quarterly
Dividends Credited: Quarterly
Dividend Period: Calendar Quarter

The minimum balance to earn dividends is $150.00.

Certificates Dividend RateAPY*Term
12 Month Share Certificate ($1,000 Minimum)0.150.1512
24 Month Share Certificate ($1,000 Minimum)0.250.2524
36 Month Share Certificate ($1,000 Minimum)0.400.4036
48 Month Share Certificate ($1,000 Minimum)0.550.5548
60 Month Share Certificate ($1,000 Minimum)0.950.9560

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Rates may be subject to change.

Dividends Compounded: Quarterly
Dividends Credited: Quarterly
Dividend Period: Calendar Quarter

Additional Deposits: Not Allowed
Withdrawals: Allowed Dividends Only
Renewable: Automatic

Early Withdrawal Penalty: If you withdraw any of the principal before the maturity.
Amount of Penalty: 120 days dividends. If the account has not earned enough dividends or if the dividend has already been paid, the penalty will be deducted from the principal.

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